Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I’m Back But…."Preacher says world will actually end in October" - Yahoo! News


Good day to you all,

First let me apologize  for my long absence without giving a reason why, the Academia required a lot more of my attention than I thought. Now that the summer is on, I am trying not to occupy myself as much in order to have more time for the pen and paper. Now I want to discuss this fellow because I just want you to see exactly what he is looking after.

How come this man holds a ministry that is worth millions of dollars and still believes there is an Apocalypse coming? What would you do if you had millions and you were certain the end of days was at hand? Wouldn’t you spend it on yourself to make your last days and that of your loved ones better? Would you throw a party? Or make the final days easier for a less fortunate family?

In which case, why is this man receiving so much money? Why encourage the donation of millions of dollars when you are not going to need it after you are gone? But he put it best when he said he still had a home and drove a car because what use would it be to others once Judgment Day arrived…to me that just sounds like he is going to make a tomb for himself and is last will and testament will proclaim that he is to be buried with his home, car, and money. That sounds like something only a Pharaoh would do.

So October 21st will be the end of days? Really? Well to all of those out there wondering whether you should be out there preparing for Halloween or rapture, I say, go with Halloween, as far as I’m concerned, Halloween will be far more important this year. I’d rather have fun than start planning what I’m supposed to be doing with the five months of life on Earth that remain.

But perhaps it was this Anonymous user who put it best when he wrote:

Installing Rapture

It has changed its name indeed. It is now called, Admit You Are Human Mr. Camping Day. It is the human desire to want more than he or she already has that has driven fanatics of religion to constantly predict these end of the world scenarios. If there is a God, he knows better than to intervene in the mortal realm.

Now I just want to leave you with a thought, something Mr. Camping ought to try and think about. Meditate, do not sign away your life to a belief, religion is best to keep it at home, it is a part of your personal life. Do not let someone criticize you because of your beliefs, and do not instigate them by trying to prove him or her wrong. It is because of that want to seem better than anyone else that we have created a path of corrupt competition instead of progressive achievements.

Remember to meditate, and also, accept your human condition. I know some of us may have some more trouble coping with that thought than others, but alas, it is inevitable.

I’ll see you all next time,

Your writer,

James Fenix

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