Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 3 - Holy Mother of Hell

Welcome to the dreaded Day 3….

Before I begin the narrative, just wanted to note that day 2 progressed very slowly. I took my OxyCodone at 10 am, and then again before going to bed at around 10 pm. It was a struggle the in-between. Swallowing spiked the pain up to a 7, good news is, things seem to be progressing well; pain notwithstanding, that is.

Day 3 has provided me with one hell of a morning. After nearly 2 hours of trying to get something into my stomach, I have managed to down a smoothie I made, and laced with the narcotic painkiller. The only thing I could manage to eat was a bowlful of Jello, and a vanilla pudding cup. That’s it. I’m hoping that, and the smoothie itself serves as a buffer for the painkiller. The last thing I want is to vomit—that would ruin the day. I have to take care of my scabs, I cannot afford any more pain. I’m on the edge. I woke up with ringing in my ears, jaw pain, tongue swollen. The works, basically.

I believe my first (texted) words were “I now know God is indeed real….only [he] could think of a pain this cruel.”

I take comfort in that I should be feeling much better after this weekend comes and goes. I take a great deal of discomfort though, knowing that the next 48-72 hours might be just as bad, if not worse than today has been. I will be dutifully taking that Oxy, which means this might be my only (albeit short) entry for the day. This painkiller is great, definitely knocks me out. The only thing I regret, is not being able to eat my scrambled eggs. I don’t have it in me to brave that, not right now. 

P.S. All Hail The Mighty Oxy...

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