Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who is James Fenix?

My name is (a pen name!) James Fenix.

I moved to Miami, Florida from Medellin, Colombia, eight years ago; I was ten years-old at the time. If you did the math correctly (which, if you didn’t, I’d be scared) you would see that I’m 18 years-old now and I can assure you that I am much more eloquent than I was back then.

I have suffered a lot, just like any other person. I like to learn from the past and I try not to forget it because forgetting it is just allowing it to let it occur again.

Like anyone else, I have a life with a very long story. We are all different worlds, and we all have different stories! I graduated from a public school in June of 2009 and I’m just starting out in a community college. I am the head and founder of a paranormal group going by the name of the Saints of Phoenix Paranormal Society. We have members all over the country, we have forum in which we discuss locations to investigate and discuss different types of hauntings.

I’m an avid reader; among my favorites is the Harry Potter series. I also enjoy the works by Ayn Rand and plays by Shakespeare (Macbeth, being my favorite play). J.K. Rowling is my hero (if you did not guess when I mentioned Harry Potter among my favorite books).

I'm a writer and I've finished first story. I'm currently trying to publish it. This book means everything to me. It is called the Feather Spade and I'll do anything for it. I ran role play forums since 2005, but I have decided that I need more time to focus on Feather Spade. I cannot write two things at once, and running a role play forum (for Harry Potter, Teen Titans, and Naruto) is already a very stressful job. Why stressful? I was not only running the forums, I was writing the plots for the members to participate in. After countless plots I decided that I was better off just focusing all that creative energy on Feather Spade.

I did obtain a lot of experience from writing plots and participating in many role play sessions. I like to think that I polished my skills as a writer there. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have others like me, who are writing their own stories and are polishing their skills through role play by writing fan fiction, writers willing to help each other in the pursuit of finding their own true style of writing.

I hope that you feel comfortable with me, James Fenix, as we swim through my mind, as we explore the cavern of ideas. I would like to share my stories with you and I hope that you and I can bond and share our realities.

My name is James Fenix and I want to be your writer.

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  1. Welcome to Blogger! Hope to pick your brain quite a bit in the future!