Monday, August 30, 2010

The Paranormal


Ever since I was little, I was taught that there was a place where souls went after departing from the world of the living. I am sure that you have heard of a place, too; whether you have been told that the dead go to heaven or they go to hell, does not matter -- they simply “go”. Have you ever heard someone talking about ghost stories? Maybe in Halloween or when you go camping with your friends, when you sit around a camp fire to share incredibly terrifying stories about the girl that died in your house and you sometimes see through the corner of your eye when there is no one in the house? Yes, those stories. Have you heard of any in particular that has made you think that perhaps there is life after death?

I have seen my share of specters. I was born in a South-American country, Colombia. In third-world countries like those, faith is the most powerful element. I am not a religious or superstitious person, however I do like to fool myself into being a tad gullible, just to make the day seem more interesting – make that movie that is our lives, be a little more exciting. Faith is very respectful of the recently deceased, so it is only normal that there be many ceremonies for commemorating the dead.

In rural areas such as the one where I lived, there were many myths and legends, each had its own story and moral, but along with myths and legends, came speculation. Speculation of what, you ask? There were rumors about ghosts haunting house, or trying to send a message to their loved ones from the other side.

I previously mentioned that I am in charge of the Saints of Phoenix Paranormal Society. I founded the group in 2005, and during the past five years, I’ve had to disband and reform the group several times to renew the system we use, and to better organize ourselves. My experiences are limited to my home country and Florida, but I really wish that one day I may be able to travel around the world and visit famous haunted places.

While I am currently waiting for editors and literary agents to reply to my queries on Feather Spade I began to develop a story that is made up of many paranormal traits, maybe some day that story, which I have not finished writing yet, will stand next to Feather Spade in a bookshelf of a Barnes & Noble. Who knows what the future may hold for us, maybe your book will stand next to mine.

Have you ever had any paranormal experiences? Or have you heard any experiences your friends or relatives may have had? I am interested in reading about those, please share with us, either through the Official James Fenix Fan Page on facebook or by commenting here! Remember to tell your friends about this blog, whether they are aspiring authors or they just want something to entertain them. Also, you can follow my blog if you have a yahoo email account, or you can just follow the Fan Page by clicking the “Like” tab.

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