Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Is On Its Way, Are You Ready For It?


Hello everyone, this is your favorite author, James Fenix.

With the upcoming holiday (or show I say hallow-day ;D ) I thought it would be fun to explore the roots of Halloween a little further. As many of you may know, the holiday originated in Celtic territories (such as modern day Ireland and Scotland) and it was celebrated by Pagan Druids (pagan tribes). Slowly, the practice of this holiday began to spread across Europe, and then most of the world. Though it is a very well-known celebration, there are countries where this holiday is banned.

If you want to learn more about the history of Halloween please visit, there you will find everything you need to know about Halloween. From history to safety tips. Yes, safety tips. It may be a lot of fun going out there in costumes, but always remember that just like this holiday has its dark side, so do other people. Sometimes the masks strangers wear are not that different from the way their soul looks.

Remember to be careful, don’t let your children run free, it does not matter if you know the neighborhood. Please, try not to eat too much candy (but don’t tell your dentist I said that, they love the business they get after this day; I would hate to their job away from them).

If you have any comments or questions remember you may submit them via the Official James Fenix Facebook Fan Page. If I am not in time to post another note before Halloween, I hope you all a happy treat-or-tricking, and remember, be safe.

Until next time,


James Fenix

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