Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome To October!


We are getting closer and closer to Halloween! According to my online representative and co-founding leader of the Saints of Fenix Paranormal Society, we are:


He’s very eager about it – as should we all be.

Announcements – regarding the Saints of Fenix Paranormal Society


Today is the first official day of the Fenix Organization and we are very excited about it. The handbooks have been passed on to the current members. I encourage you to join the Saints of Fenix Paranormal Society! If you can’t then at least register at the website (link at the end of this week’s blog), or join the Forums - Saints of Fenix Paranormal Society.

Literary-wise, I don’t have much to report. I have been taking my English and Creative Writing classes very seriously, I do this all for the sake of the book’s quality and for your sake as well, you want to read this book; I’m the only one that can publish this book.

Until next week, this is your author,


James Fenix

Sanctuary - Saints of Fenix

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